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Cover illustration for the Finnish edition of Le Monde diplomatique

Illustration for an article about the podcast "Päivystävät dosentit" in Voima magazine.

Illustration for Voima magazine. Article about how the media uses the same retorics as politicians.

Illustrations for Voima magazine


Illustration for Voima. Halla-Aho and Huhtasaari.

Illustration for Voima. Testing vegan sausages.

Illustration for Voima magazine

Cover for "Rakkaus kolmeen appelsiiniin" written by Zinaida Lindén

Illustration for an article about vegan food in Voima magazine

Cover for "Roihuvuoren kylälehti" magazine 01/2017

Illustration for an article about people panicking over gm food etc

Another vegan illustration for Voima magazine

Illustration for Voima magazine. About vegan food and protein.